To move forward you must let go. The first step is accepting you can’t control everything.

Monday Jun 6 @ 09:58pm

Just leave

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Monday Jun 6 @ 10:37am

Why do I care so much. Even a year later and you’re still in mind.

Sunday May 5 @ 04:34am

Growing Up

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Tuesday May 5 @ 04:43am

I am loathing this retreat.

Wednesday May 5 @ 06:37am


Gabriel de la Chapelle, Tokyo End

Time To Go Back

Wednesday May 5 @ 05:07am

Damn, I’m really going to miss this time in space.

Wednesday May 5 @ 01:25am

Nothing will ever compare to the moments you live today.

Wednesday May 5 @ 01:19am

You realize what’s gone when a vacancy is created.

Tuesday May 5 @ 01:47am

The purpose of life is to live every second of breath you have to its fullest potential and know that you didn’t waste any moment of it.

Tuesday May 5 @ 12:45am